There’s a lot involved in running a town, and the people and committees below make it all happen. Want to connect with someone on a particular issue? The details below show who does what in Gore Bay.

General Government Committee (Meets 4th Wednesday of each month)

This group deals with the following areas:

  • Finance & Town Administration
  • Human Resources
  • Economic Development/Strategic Planning
  • Committee of Adjustment & Land Use Planning
  • Property Standards
  • Seniors Issues
  • Medical Centre & Health Services
  • Accessibility
  • New Residents
  • Social Services
  • Business Relationships
  • By-law Enforcement
  • General Town Governance

General government committee members include:

  • Terry Olmstead – chair
  • Ron Lane
  • Dan Osborne
  • Carolyn Campbell
  • Ken Blodgett
  • Kelly Chaytor

Public Works & Properties Committee (Meets 4th Monday of each month)

The group deals with the following areas:

  • Public Works (Streets, Sidewalks, Water/Sewer etc.)
  • Public Property & Buildings
  • Waterfront & Marina
  • Waste Management (Internal)
  • Parks, Play Grounds & Walking Trails

Public works & property committee members include:

  • Dan Osborne – chair
  • Aaron Wright
  • Ron Lane
  • Brian Dittmar
  • Rob Dearing

Airport Committee – Ron Lane


Cemetery Committee – Ron Lane


Emergency Measures Committee

  • Ron Lane
  • Aaron Wright
  • Stasia Carr
  • Michael Lalonde
  • Roger Chenard
  • Michael Addison

Community Policing – Kelly Chaytor


Joint Fire Board – Dan Osborne, Terry Olmstead, Ron Lane


Library Committee – Kelly Chaytor


Manitoulin Municipal Association -Dan Osborne, Ron Lane


Manitoulin Planning Board – Dan Osborne


Manitoulin Centennial Manor – Vince Grogan


Historical Society & Museum

  • Perry Patterson – chair
  • Ron Lane
  • Dan Osborne
  • Laurie Addison
  • Almaz Solomon
  • Leigh Major

Gore Bay Non-Profit Housing -Ron Lane


Sudbury & District Health Unit – Ken Noland


Transfer Station Waste Management – Dan Osborne, Paulie Nodecker, Ron Lane


North Channel Marin Tourism Council – Diane Newlands


Manitoulin & Sudbury District Services Board – Jim Cahill


Building Systems – Aaron Wright


Provincial Offences Act Court/ Administration- Terry Olmstead


Recreation Committee

This group deals with the following areas:

  • Town Recreational Programs
  • Volunteers
  • Gore Bay Theatre
  • Community Events

Service Club Committee

  • Ron Lane
  • Carolyn Campbell
  • Kelly Chaytor
  • Lion’s Club Member
  • Rotary Club Member