We’re very proud of the fine health care provided by our team of health care professionals and office staff at the Gore Bay Medical Centre near the north end of Meredith Street.  There are three medical doctors living in Gore Bay and serving at the clinic. Dr. Bob Hamilton and Dr. Sheila McRae have been our married medical team since 1982. We were very lucky to add Dr. Chantelle Wilson to our permanent medical team in 2004.  Together they provide exceptional medical care, as anyone on western Manitoulin will tell you.

Call the doctor’s office for an appointment during office hours at 705-282-2262, or 705-282-2007 after hours. Call 911 for emergencies.

Need dental care? The Gore Bay Medical Centre is also home to Dr. Mary Cross, our new dentist who set up practice here in 2022.

Call the dentist office for an appointment during office hours at 705-282-2223.